Industrial & Classified Fastners


high tensile bolt

Syntech Auto is the largest manufacturer in India for bigger diameter hex bolts and nuts in high tensile grade from M-20 diameter and above till M-100 by hot forging process, our manufacturing facilities in Gujarat are currently producing hex bolts and nuts upto M-100 in bigger sizes the complete range of bigger bolts is given below:-

  • Standard hexagon Bolts / Screws
  • Hexagon nuts
  • Carriage bolts
  • Heavy hex bolts
  • Shoulder bolts
  • Hot dip galvanised hex bolts for wind energy and wind mills
  • High strength friction grip bolts and nuts
  • Banjo bolts
  • Hub bolts
  • Wheel bolts
  • Track shoe bolts and nuts


eye bolt-03

Syntech Industries provides two grades of stainless steel eye bolts; 304 and 316. The grade 304 stainless steel eye bolts are wire formed and feature welded and unwelded eye types in Standard and Metric units of measurement. Eye bolts that are grade 316 feature three different eye types and all use the Standard unit of measurement. Most eye bolts are supplied with a washer and nut (more available upon request).

  • Unwelded Eye Bolt
  • Welded Eye Bolt
  •  Metric Welded Eye Bolt
  •  Lag Eye Screw
  •  Lag Ring Bolt
  •  Shoulder Ring Bolt
  •  Plain Ring Bolt
  •  Shoulder Eye Bolt
  •  Metric Shoulder Eye Bolt
  •  Plain Eye Bolt
  •  Metric Plain Eye Bolt
  •  Heavy Duty Special Eye Bolt
  •  Custom Eye Bolt
  •  Rod End Blank
  •  Machine Eye Bolt
  •  Eye Nut
  •  Lifting Eye Nut
  •  Metric Lifting Eye Nut
  •  Eye End
  •  Pad Eye
  •  Plain Eye Rivet
  •  Shoulder Eye Rivet
  •  Threaded Rod
  •  Custom Rod End
  •  Jaw Eye
  •  Toggle Eye
  •  Wall Toggle Eye