100% Stainless Steel 304 Column Pipe Adapters


Adapter Set plays a crucial role in the installation and operation of Borehole either with the O-PVC / U-PVC Column / Riser / Drop Pipes. Infect, entire installation, the borehole, the pipe and accessories are depending upon the quality of the Adapters.

In the entire borehole column system, the Bottom Adapters always need to deal with high pressure by the flow of the borehole pumps reaches first of its kind at the Bottom Adapter. Looking attractive finished adapters also may failed badly, if not tested / taken cared very well about the pressure resistance capacity of each of its metal bounding.


Wherein, the Top Adapters commonly affected with the ultimate load / weight carrying situation, as the total weight of the entire borehole column system directly experienced by the Top Adapter only. The system load includes, the Pump set weight, pipe weight and complete water weight remained filled at all the time within the system. Sometimes it is even more than 5 to 6 tones coming together, can be breakage entire system of the borehole column.

At Syntech, 100% Adapters are tested well with its in house Metal testing laboratory, with its chemical testing, material testing, Weight Load Capacity and Pressure Resistance capacity. The pressure resistances we maintain are almost 500times more than the actual maximum pressure to be faced by the Adapters.  Also the weight carrying capacity of the Top Adapters at Syntech are highest and superior maintained best in class based upon engineering and scientific calculations.


We understand the requirement, application and operation thoroughly and designed and developed the superior Column Pipe Adapters completely 100% Stainless Steel Lost Wax Investment Cast foundry process as a single mould piece without any fabrication or joints at all.