Submersible Pump Bowl & Impeller Sets

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Stainless Steel 4SP / 6SP / 8SP Bowl Impeller Sets

Entire Range of 4” to 8” SP Series Borehole Pumps

4” – SP 2 TO SP 14

6” – SP 17 TO SP 90

8” – SP 77 TO SP 125

Completely Construction of Stainless Steel AISI 304

High-Efficiency Stainless Steel Impellers and Diffusers.

Proven Performance Specifications with Ideal Head vs Discharge as per requirements.

Excellent Hydraulics saves input energy and increase performance.

Lifelong durable, highest strength and ultimate withstanding capacity.

Designed and Built for Years Of Trouble-Free Operation.

Stainless Steel Cast Bowl Impeller Sets

Robust Construction

Single piece Stainless Investment (Lost Wax Casting) Cast Technology

All Metal of S.S.304, S.S. 304L, S.S.316, S.S.316L, DUPLEX STEEL

Highest Head, close channel impellers with proven efficiency

Longest Life , zero wear and tear.

Sustainable Performance.

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Cast Iron High Discharge Bowl & Impeller Sets

Mix flow designed, High flow applications

High grade Cast Iron Bowls and Impellers

Ultimate efficiency with performance

Sand proof designed for mud/ sand water situation

Also ask for the following Impellers

Syntech has developed its expertise in the Mechanical Hydraulics of the Pumps, and has designed impellers for almost all applications other than Borehole Submersible Pump Impellers too.

1) High Head Closed Channel Impeller – high-efficiency design for pumping water and other liquids at higher head pressures

2) Vortex Impeller – Used for pumping stringy solids and debris-laden liquids

3) Centrifugal Screw Impeller – Used for pumping oils and other viscous liquids

4) Propeller – Used for pumping high volumes of water at low heads

5) Shredder Impeller – Used for chopping solids to smaller pieces when they enter the pump

6) Closed Channel Impeller – Used for pumping sewage and wastewater

7) Mixed Flow Impeller – Used for high volume water pumping at low to medium heads

8) Semi-Open Impeller – Used for trash and debris laden liquids

9) Hardened Sand/Slurry Impeller – Used for pumping abrasive liquids

10) Your Customized Drawing

Customization at Syntech :

·         Various casting and machining products

·         Material: Iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, high manganese steel, heat resistant steel, copper alloy, Brass Alloy,  aluminum alloy, Hastelloy alloy,  etc.

·         Tolerance: 0.01mm after machining or casting tolerance grade 14

·         Tooling design and fabrication available

·         Machining: Turning, Milling, Drilling, Grinding, Welding, Tooling, Broaching, Wire EDM etc.

·         6: Surface treatment: Powder coating, Painting ,Shot blasting, Polishing ,Electrical galvanizing, Chemical galvanizing, Chrome plating , Nickel plating, Passivation etc.

·         Standard: AISI, ASTM, JIS, BS, DIN, ISO, EN, GB.

At Syntech we have the kind of listed facilities to perform your customized requirements.

·         We have full set of quality control system to guarantee best product quality. Depends on the products, we make different item testing plan, different manufacturing procedure and provide certified lab mechanical testing.

·         We have the chemical analyzing chamber to analyze the component content of the material after entrance to the factory, on melting and after casting to promise the chemical component content.

·         After getting the drawing , we first put into the software anycasting to analyze and build the mold and the feed system.

·         We have UT, RT, MT equipment to test the product, promising the quality of the casting, both internal and surface.

·         Also we can do the strength test for mechanical stress.

·         Any way we can supply our costumer the qualified product, as promised.


·         We have our Q.A. Team to promise the quality and can supply the quality certificate. and also the third part intervention for QC is also acceptable.